7 Things You Must Know About Cat Backpacks & Carriers

For someone who is fond of having cats around, a cat backpack that they can use to bring their feline companion along on all the adventurous trips they decide to embark on is needful. The cat carrier doesn’t just serve as an accessory to them anymore but rather a necessity that they heavily rely on.

But with so many other options in the market to cloud your judgment, we understand how overwhelming it can be to decide on the best carrier bag for your cat. This is why we have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions that everyone who usually goes out in the search of a backpack for their cat has in their minds. They will not only clear out any doubts that you might have but also make the process a lot easier. So, let us get started.

Q1. Do the backpacks have any weight specification?

This is actually a very commonly asked query. Yes, every bag that you can find in stores and online comes with some specifications that relate to the height and weight of your pet. Make sure that you buy a carrier that not only pertains to the weight range of your cat but also leaves enough room for growth, if your cat is still in the growing phase, to save some money.

Q2. What are some of the features that I need to be looking for when I buy a carrier for my cat?

It all depends on the purpose and requirements you have in mind. If it is for traveling, then the demands might be different based on the kind of trip you are planning on taking. Similarly, if you want to keep the bag for car drives then the requirements might get toned down a little. As a general rule, you need to find a bag that is :

  • Spacious
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Portable
  • Adjustable
  • Economical
  • Trendy
  • Breathable
  • Easy to clean

Features that would include the bag supporting a leash harness clip, being waterproof, safe for air travel are dependent on personal preferences. Therefore, take a good look at the features and design before you buy and compare it to the list you have in mind before making the purchase.

The thing to keep in mind here is that the cat needs to be comfortable when in the bag and not be in trouble of any sort. Therefore, choose the bag from the perspective of the cat rather than your own. This is something we advise all our customers.

Q3. Do I have more than one style to choose from?

Definitely. Cat backpacks are really trending this year and are considered a sought after accessory among all pet owners. From celebrities to all the important personalities, you will come across everyone carrying one every now and then, if they happen to be carrying their cat around. This growing demand and market for these carriers have created a room for all the designers and brands to invest their time and ideas in this category and come up with designs that are not only trendy but meet every cat owner’s demands too. Check out our store today to take a look at some of the best options that we have listed out for you. Our team gives each bag some serious consideration before putting it up on our catalog to make sure that all our customers find what they are looking for under one roof.

Q4. What about cleaning these backpacks?

You are not the first person to get worried about this aspect of carrying a bag for your cat. Given the circumstances and conditions, the bag might get dirty and would need some serious cleaning. In such cases, having a bag that gets detached easily to allow for thorough cleaning is a blessing. Most of the bags that we have are made with washable material. This means that you not only can vacuum the bag but also wash it when the need arises.

In fact, most of the good quality bags that you find around come with a detachable mat. It not only makes the carrier more comfortable for your cat but convenient for you too. Simply take out the mat, clean it up and have it placed back inside once it has dried out.

However, do look at the labels and instructions that come with the bag before yous tart washing it. It is recommended to avoid machine-wash for most of the materials. In such a case, to prevent the bag from getting damaged, you should go for a hand wash and use a cleaner that is fabric friendly.

Q5. Would the cat need the training to stay inside the bag?

Well, it is something only you can answer as a cat owner. Most of the domestic cats are docile and given their curious natures, all the more happy to accompany you on the trip you have been planning for. They like looking around at new things and being exposed to new environments. It gives their mind something to chew on and marvel at. So, while most cats would enjoy the traveling part, many won't is happy being confined to limited space for hours at a stretch and would cause trouble in the adjustment phase. Most of the cat owners that we know of, began by training their cats for the backpacks before they took them along on a trip. It might take them a few days but would eventually work out in your favor.

Here are a few tips to straighten out the things for you in this regard.

  • Start by introducing the bag for a shorter period of time. Take them out on a drive or out on the road for a walk this way.
  • You can give your cat enough time to explore the backpack on her own so that she can develop a sense of familiarity for it. This can be done by placing her favorite things around the bag and even inside it while she is playing with the bag and treating it as one of her toys.
  • Place in some toys to keep her busy while she is inside it.

These tips should get you started in the right direction. You can, however, always improvise based on how you handle your cat and what she likes.

Q6. What if my cat wants to go to the bathroom?

This is all circumstantial and something you can certainly manage with a little effort. Most of the cats that are taken along on trips need to be potty trained. This way, you won't have to worry about the bag getting dirty or the whole cleaning process. Here is what we suggest you do in this regard:

  1. Bring along your cat’s litter box that you can use when she gives a queue to go to the bathroom.
  2. Don’t keep her inside for too long. Introduce small breaks in between the trip to allow her to spread out her legs, relax the muscles and attend to the nature calls if she feels like it.

For both the above-mentioned tips, it is advised that you keep the cat on a harness at all times. When in an unfamiliar area, you wouldn’t want her getting lost or losing her way around. It will be an uncalled for trouble and something you both can do without.

However, even after all the precautions, an accident happens then with the cat on her leash, wash the bag instantly or at least soak it in a fabric-safe urine cleaner. Use the instructions to decide the method of cleaning you should be an option for.

Q7. Can I take my cat for air travel?

There is no reason why you cant. But make sure that you take her along in a good and breathable carrier that is safe for air travel. Most of the airlines have their own restrictions regarding the kinds of bags that are allowed on board. If you are planning on buying a bag specifically for a trip that would include air travels, it is advised that you buy a bag that complies with the directives issued by the company you are traveling with. It will prevent undue hassle and make the trip enjoyable for you both.

The questions that have been discussed above are just some of the many that we are asked on a regular basis.

If you are looking for a good quality carrier for your cat, then it is advised that you take a look at the collection we have compiled for you here. All the concerns that a pet owner might have, are addressed in each one of the items that we have listed out for you. So, go ahead and shop the backpack that best meets your requirements and complies with all the demands that you have in mind. However, before you begin, do your homework on what exactly you are looking for to make the process more enjoyable for yourself.



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