How To Install Bubble On Cat Backpack

Installing a Bubble on the Cat Backpack

Cat backpacks have undoubtedly become an all-time favorite essential for all the cat lovers out there who love to carry their pets around. The versatility, as well as the practicality that these bags provide when it comes to going on an adventure with your pet, is unparalleled. These bags are sturdy yet designed keeping in view the comfort of both you and your pet, so investing in one would be a perfect idea. What’s even more worthwhile? It is a cat backpack with a bubble that enables your darling pet to have a top view of things while looking like an astronaut when you take it out for a walk. Let’s see how a cat backpack with a bubble is a better option to invest in and how to install the bubble.

Astronaut Bubble Cat Backpack

Why is a Backpack with a Bubble preferable?

Taking your cat along everywhere in itself can be annoying; what adds to the frustration is the unsightly leash. While your cat may hate it, your hands would also be always busy in pulling it around. But no worries, the bubble backpacks have solved this issue for us. All you have to do is get your cat in the backpack and go on your adventures. The kitty will enjoy the views of the world while looking out from its nice astronaut bubble hence a win-win situation for you both. You get your hands free and easily carry your kitty on the back or even front while the cat also loves exploring with you.

Glass Bubble Cat Backpack

How to Install a Bubble on the Cat Backpack?

If you don’t know how to install the bubble on your cat backpack and have been wondering how to get the bubble on or off, then you have landed the right place as we will guide you on how it’s done. It does not involve any rocket science and is quite straightforward. So, let’s get started with how to install a bubble on your bubble backpack. Usually, you get two different options for covers with a bubble backpack. One is the bubble itself, and the other one is a grid. You can swap the bubble with the grid and vice versa depending on your and your cat’s preference and also where you are going. Follow the below steps to install the bubble on your cat backpack:

  • First of all, unscrew the outer rim by turning it to the left (Tip to remember: Lefty loosey!)
  • Then take the bubble capsule and put it on the backpack.
  • Then place the outer rim on the bubble and press them until they snap. The snapping sound is the indication that the bubble has been interlocked and your cat would be absolutely safe in the bag now.
  • Next, turn the rim to right to screw it back completely until it doesn’t turns anymore.

Voila! You are ready to take your cat along on your adventures now without having to worry about its safety or leaving it behind.

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