Reasons Why Your Cat Will Love “My Cat Backpack”

Once you have made up your mind for taking your cat along in your trip and after finalizing which My Cat Backpack product you are going for, one thing that may concern you will be, “Will my cat like its new backpack? Will it feel okay?”

Well, not to worry! Your cat is our cat!

We are here to assure you of the aspects your cat will love about its new temporary home.

Your presence

No cat loves to see its owner go, they hate goodbyes. They want to be with them wherever they are. The first and foremost reason for loving the backpack is perhaps you being with them in the entire journey.

Journey along with your pets

The size

My cat backpack is quite spacious which allows your cat to move around a bit, spreading and stretching its legs. It can relax and sleep well in its new spaced-out bedroom.

Cat Bag sizes


The peace

Being constantly on your back will give them the satisfaction of travelling with you. Moreover, My cat backpacks have a pad attached at the bottom for easing out long-hour journeys for your fur baby. They will feel calm and comfortable even if they sit for many hours.

Comfort for cats

The comfort

The softness of the material used in My cat backpacks will help your cat get cozy and enjoy the trip. These carriers are also heat-resistant and waterproof protecting your cat from any external discomfort.

They can explore

The best part about My cat backpack is “The Bubble”. Cats are quite restless and want some entertainment, the bubble installed in the backpack allows them to look outside and enjoy the views for the entire journey. They will love travelling and exploring with you.

How to install bubbles

The safety

Safe bag pack image

Our carrier has no loopholes, it is absolutely safe and carefully covered for the cat to stay in peace. It protects from heat and is strong enough to handle any wear or tear.

They can breathe

The space in our backpack prevents any suffocation and some of our carriers also come with an open space at the top so that your cat can jump out a bit and inhale some winds.

Cats can beath

The above-mentioned benefits are those which we provide, however, for ensuring a complete peaceful journey, there has to be a two-way collaboration. You, as an owner, must also keep a few things in mind for helping your cat love its travel carrier.

We are done with our part, here’s what you need to do at your end!

  • Open the backpack in front of them and let them explore
  • Convert My cat backpack into a toy backpack beforehand
  • Put some toys in it and let your cat play around in it
  • Put some snacks in it and feed your cat inside the backpack
  • Leave the backpack open in your play area letting catty get familiar
  • Take your cat to nearby places in the backpack
  • Take the toys and snacks your cat loves on your trip
  • Give it a little break, open the backpack, let it walk, and stretch
  • Keep checking on your cat during the journey

A little effort before travelling and a little effort while travelling will ensure an amazing journey for you as well as your cat.

Last but not the least, you can get your cat backpack customized according to your cat’s needs. My cat backpack team is always ready to respond to you and assist with your requirements. Just Get in Touch with us and expect a delightful travel adventure with your cat.

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