Who should buy a cat backpack?

What is the future of pet owners and cats you ask me? I will suggest, you look up the many accessory shops we have around and find the one new thing that seems to be gaining a lot of popularity: cat backpacks. It is a trendy new way of carrying the cat around no matter where you go in a convenient manner.

But many people still do have reservations of their own. They can’t seem to connect to this trend or understand how it could be something they can benefit from.  

Do I really need to invest in a backpack? Nobody else seems to be buying one? If you too have been thinking along the same line of questions, then this article is meant just for you.

So, who exactly should buy a carrier for their cat? Let us find that out.

Frequent Travelers

We here are talking about two types of people.

Type 1: Those who travel once a year or very seldom

Type 2: Those who travel too frequently and for longer duration.

Type 1 is something we all can associate with. It could be people like us who work all year round to enjoy a relaxing break once when the opportunity is in accordance to their schedule. Even then the trip is short and always fits the schedule.

Seldom Tavelers

Type 2 takes into account people who travel either because traveling is what they do or because traveling too often is a part of their job: leaving them with no option but to pack their things and travel to whichever place their work takes them to.

Frequent Travelers

In such cases, having a pet can seem like huge reliability and not every time can you leave them off with a friend or at a shelter to be looked after in your absence. It is not a very good solution and would actually affect the bond that you have been creating with your pet.

So, what do you do in such a situation? The correct answer would be: take your cat along. But it is not as easy as it seems. There will be many things to consider here with the foremost being that how exactly would you bring your cat along?

Well, a cat backpack is a solution to all your problems. It is a comfortable way of carrying your cat around, be it for a trek on a mountain or a destination that involves air travel.

There are two things that you need to work on  here though:

  1. Training the cat so that it is in the habit of staying in the bag for longer periods of time. In this case, you would have to invest some time prior to taking her along where you must train her properly to not get uncomfortable, feel suffocated or urinate while inside it. Start now, so that the cat is well trained for your next trip. If it is not potty trained, get her training started immediately. Introduce the backpack in a way that she doesn’t get scared. It should pique her curiosity and make her get interested so that she wants to get inside it and is looking forward to the traveling experience.
  2. Investing in a bag which is suitable for all sorts of travel adventures you would be taking on. It should work well in all sorts of weather conditions and be compliant with air travel safety standards too.

So, if you can get these points covered, there is no way that you cannot bring your cat along the next time you plan a trip for yourself. No matter which part of the world it is that you are going to.

The owners of an ill cat

There are times when the cat is not feeling too well, and cannot be left alone at home. You need to take care of its medications and make sure that it is well taken care of at all times, even in your absence. Using a carrier bag, in this case, would come to be really beneficial for you. It will  actually resolve all your concerns and problems instantly.

Investing in a spacious bag that has enough room for you to bring along some of her stuff would be an immense help. It could be her medicines, some disposable bags, toys and anything that would keep her in a comfortable position. There are many terminally ill cats that need to move around with an oxygen bag to help them breathe. You can carry the tank around in a bag too if you happen to find one of the right sizes and not worry about shouldering it around.

The backpack would also be a good opportunity to bring the cat out of the confinements of your home and give her a taste of fresh air without risking her life or bringing any trouble to yours. Simply bring the cat along and have her see the world the way you see it and take her to all the beautiful places you have been to, to strengthen the bond further.

If you have a cat with certain disabilities at home, it is highly probable that you would find it difficult to take it out. Having a backpack can make it possible.

Ill Cat

The trend followers

As it has been mentioned previously too, the cat backpacks are the next biggest trend to have hit the pet market. All the celebrities and cat lovers are traveling with one. So, if you are someone who likes following the trends and wants to keep things stylish at all times then it is time you look for a carrier bag for your cat too. Your pet might be wearing all the right fun accessories and would be looking its cutest, but if you do not have her tied in a backpack when you step out, the whole look that you are aiming for would just be a miss.

In fact, if you put your mind to it, you will be surprised to see that there are countless options and varieties available that you can choose from. Be it a bubble bag, a tote or a simple backpack, there is something for each one of us here. Moreover, most of the good backpacks come with a leash clip inside so that when you feel like it and the carrier becomes too heavy for you to keep around, you can always take your cat out and walk it around with you.

Trend Followers

The cat lovers

So, you have a cat that you are practically proud of and would want the whole world to see too, the cat backpack will make that happen for you. Use it to carry your cat and never miss a chance to be without her again.

It even allows you to keep the older one in the bag and leash the younger ones along so that you can train them better too. If you happen to have more than one cat, bringing a cat backpack  will make things a lot easier and manageable. You can simply keep one in the carrier that you have and one on the harness. This way you can spend your time with them both and get all your tasks accomplished too that you had lined up for the day without worrying about your cats being alone without you. From the training point of view as well, these carrier backpacks have proven to be a lot beneficial to pet owners. So, not only are you showing your cats around when you bring them out in a bag but also making your life easier.

Cat Lovers

Cat backpacks are the next big trend to hit the market and rightly so. Even if you are not someone who falls in any of the above-mentioned categories but simply a cat lover, the carrier bag is something that will be a lot valuable to you. Economical, comfortable and classy, it has everything that one could possibly want.

So, even if you don’t like to travel much, the cat backpack can accompany you in the car with your cat in the back seat having a look at the world while you drive your vehicle around the town. Take it out on long drives or up with you to the hilltop the next time you plan on a trekking trip with your friends. In fact, it can be a good way for you all to bring along all your pets and have them bond and play with each other while your friends sit and relax.

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