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Looking for a perfect cat backpack or carrier to carry your cat around with you and not have to deal with the guilt and stress of leaving her behind every time you go out traveling? Well, then it is time that you have 'My Cat Backpack'.

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How to Buy The Best Cat Backpack Or Carrier

If it is your first time buying a cat carrier, there are chances that you could use a little help in choosing the right one from all the options that are available to you nowadays. When reviewing a backpack for your cat,
here are some features that you need to look out for.

#1 Breathing space

This is probably of foremost importance. After all, you wouldn’t want your cat suffocating and suffering while inside. It is not only going to be traumatic for you as a parent but would also affect the whole trip
that you have planned ahead.  

#2 Comfortability

Ensuring that your pet is comfortable inside the bag is the best way to make sure that it continues to stay peaceful and calm during the whole trip. The backpack you choose must come with a detachable mat that
you can remove, clean and attach at your convenience. 

#3 Adjustability

The thing with backpacks is that they for sure can weigh your shoulders down especially if you are going a trip that would have you on your feet most part of the day.  Look for the ones that come with adjustable straps so that you can adjust them according to the kind of trip you would be planning ahead.

#4 Portability

The fact that your cat is being carried in a backpack is no reason for you to believe that it would never really come out of it or would want to. Backpacks usually come with a hook for your cat’s leash. Not only would allow carrying a harness possible but would also prevent accidents in case you leave the cover open unknowingly. You can always harness the cat and clip on the leash to the bag to ensure that it doesn’t run off to little adventure of its own.

#5 Screen window

Imagine being stuck in a  room with no window or door to give you a view of the outside for hours at a time. It makes you feel claustrophobic and irritated, we know. This is exactly how your cats would feel if the carrier you invest in wouldn’t have any view of the surroundings. This could either be through a bubble, a screen or both, depending on the design you decide to go with.

#6 Airline safe

Not all trips will include cars and roads. You need to be well-prepared for air travel as well. Look for cat backpack that are compliant with airways safety rules so that no trip is too far or too long for you anymore.

#7 Trendy

Who says that carrying your cat around would mean you having to give up on your sense of style? Most of the carriers that we have around are trendy, stylish and seem to come off straight from the streets of Milan. From different color options to varying designs, we have a carrier for everyone here.

Best Cat Bag Packs

Shop through our store right now and choose the bag that you feel your feline baby would be most comfortable and happy in.

We at my cat backpack offer cat carriers that not only fulfill these basic requirements of a pet owner but much more than that.

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Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack
Glass Bubble Cat Backpack

Glass Bubble Cat Backpack

Regular price$74.95

With a standard size but a lot more variations in colors, this bag is one of the most popular designs amongst all cat lovers. It is practical and works in the favor of both the cat owner and the pet they are carrying. It has to be the crowd favorite and here are some reasons why.

Highlighting Features:

  • Made from PVC and oxford cloth: the best material choice that you can find with the cats around. It is not so vulnerable to scratching and actually is good for all sorts of wear and tear that it might have to succumb to.
  • It comes in as many as 15 different vibrant colors and patterns that are not only catchy but pleasant to the eye as well.
  • The cats instantly fall in love with the colors which helps in getting them adjusted to the new setting.
  • Each bag has a detachable glass bubble that helps the cat look outside and stay entertained.
  • The glass bubble along with the bag comes with some holes that help with an easy flow of the air inside and keep the space breathable and well-ventilated for the cat.
  • It works for the cats as well as for the small sized dogs equally well.

It is a mid-range carrier that is very durable and tends to last for a long time. The design works for all sorts of cats and is great if you have planned some outdoor trips that you might have planned with your pet.

Type: Cats & Dogs
Feature: Breathable
Item Type: Backpacks
Material: PVC+Oxford cloth


One of the best things about the cat backpack is the quality of the product. I have been trying out different cages/bags/methods of transport
for my cat but they've all either fallen short of their quality claim or been ripped to shreds by my uncomfortable cat. The cat backpack is the
only thing that my cat has gotten so much familiar with, and he refuses to come out of it at times due to the comfy inner! The lined inner portion
allows for a comfortable ride and is easy to clean, which is a great thing to consider! Not to mention the variety of bags being offered here, it's no big surprise that everyone is rushing to get one of these bad boys for their cats!

Margaret Clemens
Los Angeles, CA

I got the Astronaut Cat Backpack from this place, and honestly it's been one of the best decisions I have ever taken! When I was about to buy it,
I immediately thought of all the downsides it may have, which is something we all end up wondering while buying a thing off the internet. However, this was one of the best investments I've ever made for myself and my cat! The interior lining, the adjustable straps, the really, really cute exterior design...... Everything adds up perfectly! My cat has never been happier while travelling (she's a fussy baby whenever we have to travel because she hates dark and enclosed spaces), but with the cat backpack, there's ample space for her to omfortably stretch and relax, all the while looking out the cute little window! Do check out these products for your kitties, 11/10 highly recommend.

Susan Bittle
Boston, New York

The cat backpack is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me! As a dedicated cat mom and simultaneously a travelling businesswoman, I have always despised not being able to travel with my cat because even if the travel companies allowed it, it was just too fussy of a situation to handle. With the cat backpack I'm absolutely at the liberty to roam around with my furry baby! There's so much space for the kitty to be settled there comfortable, the bag itself is very comfortable for me to walk around with and thanks to that little window my cat (who absolutely loves new things) can look around easily and not feel isolated as cages made it feel!

David Evans
Los Angeles, CA


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