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Car Seat Mat for Cats

Car Seat Mat for Cats

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So, what if you are not in the mood of carrying a backpack or your cat is probably not cooperating with you right now? The car mat gives you a way out of this problematic situation. You can have it spread out at the back seat and let your cat move around comfortably while you drive off to your favorite spot.

Highlighting features

  • Made using a waterproof material that doesn’t stain or discolor easily.
  • Helps protect the car seats from fur, muddy paws, scratches, and undue damage
  • It is shaped like a hammock so that your cat won't hop to the front seat while you are driving
  • Adjustable straps that can be accommodated based on the design of your car and the seats
  • Easy to remove and wash
  • Compact design that makes storage convenient
  • Has a flap that allows your pet to move in and out of the car easily
  • Spacious enough so that instead of getting confined, the pet is now moving around the back seat enjoying the drive as much as you are.
  • No weight limit, therefore, you can bring along more than one pet to the drive

You can’t always keep your cat confined to a bag while traveling. A car mat would allow your cat to experience some change and spread out its legs too. The mat works perfectly too in cases where your pet would have to be taken to a vet for a visit and have no one to carry the pet with you. The mat might work as a replacement for a backpack in some scenarios but would serve its best when used together.

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