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Glass Bubble Cat Backpack

Glass Bubble Cat Backpack

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With a standard size but a lot more variations in colors, this bag is one of the most popular designs amongst all cat lovers. It is practical and works in the favor of both the cat owner and the pet they are carrying. It has to be the crowd favorite and here are some reasons why.

Highlighting Features:

  • Made from PVC and oxford cloth: the best material choice that you can find with the cats around. It is not so vulnerable to scratching and actually is good for all sorts of wear and tear that it might have to succumb to.
  • It comes in as many as 15 different vibrant colors and patterns that are not only catchy but pleasant to the eye as well.
  • The cats instantly fall in love with the colors which helps in getting them adjusted to the new setting.
  • Each bag has a detachable glass bubble that helps the cat look outside and stay entertained.
  • The glass bubble along with the bag comes with some holes that help with an easy flow of the air inside and keep the space breathable and well-ventilated for the cat.
  • It works for the cats as well as for the small sized dogs equally well.

It is a mid-range carrier that is very durable and tends to last for a long time. The design works for all sorts of cats and is great if you have planned some outdoor trips that you might have planned with your pet.

Type: Cats & Dogs
Feature: Breathable
Item Type: Backpacks
Material: PVC+Oxford cloth

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