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Single Shoulder Sling Bag for Cat

Single Shoulder Sling Bag for Cat

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This single sling bag that goes around your torso at the front is one of the most economical and stylish options that you can find with us. Available in colors of red, blue, rose red, yellow and pink, each one paired with grey, it is one of the best bags that is listed on our catalog.

Highlighting features:

  • Made with polyester, it is highly durable and isn’t prone to excessive damage that may occur through scratching or constant use.
  • The insides of the bag are lined and properly cushioned to make the experience worthwhile and comfortable enough for your cat.
  • It has a stringed hole in the front from where the cat or even a small sized dog can easily bring its face out without feeling suffocated.
  • The stringed hole can be adjusted to accommodate your cat and gives a lot of adjusting space to your animal.
  • The sling is not made of any ordinary material. Rather it ensures that the bag stays in place and it is clasped properly to the other end to avoid any sort of an accident.
  • The bag is available in two different sizes and thus allows you a chance to upgrade to the medium size once your pet cat has outgrown the smaller sized bag.
  • It is machine washable and doesn’t require any excessive care when being dried or washed.

Costing even less than $30, it is one of the most recommended bags in this price range. Pick the color that resonates with you and order one for yourself right away.

Fitable Weight: 2-4.5kg
color: green,yellow,red,blue,rose red

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