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Sling Bag Cat Carrier

Sling Bag Cat Carrier

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Is it a cool looking laptop bag or does it have a furry great hidings somewhere inside? This is something that people around you would be thinking about the next time you go out with your pet packed away nicely in one of our fastest selling articles:  sling bag cat carrier.

Highlighting features

  • Available in five different color options: cyan, black, pink, grey, and gold.
  • The bag is available in one size only: 42*26*26 cm.
  • It has a cool suede finish with a paw stamped on one side that marks it for the feline pet that would be owning it finally.
  • The strap comes with the option of adjusting the length as per your comfort along with a secure handle that goes around the top for you to hold the bag in case you don’t want to sling it around your shoulder.
  • Everything is stitched neatly in place to make the bag utterly secure and sturdy for carriage.
  • It comes with multiple holes at on both the smaller sides that make the space airy and comfortable for your cat.
  • The best thing about the bag is how it opens up to invite the cat to come and sit in so that you can finally fold it back to its shape.
  • This opening up feature works wonders when it is time for you to clean it up or probably wash it.
  • There is a separate mat that you can use to line the base of the bag that is easily detachable too.

Given the design, the features and the overall convenience that you might get to enjoy with the carrier bag, the price tag that it has is nothing. So, order one today and carry the cat you have in style on streets the next time you go out together.

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