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Sling Bag Cat Carrier

Sling Bag Cat Carrier

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One of the most economical options that we have aboard, this bag is making huge rounds of popularity amongst the cat lovers all over town and rightly so. It breaks away from all the monotonous designs that you find in the market and features some funky patterns that are perfect for people of all age groups, especially amongst the girls.

Highlighting features:

  • It is highly affordable and costs nothing above $16 which is just a steal.
  • The bag is designed with your cat’s comfort in mind only. From the padded lining on the face hole to the overall breathable design, there is just about nothing that your cat won’t like about this carrier bag.
  • It is made from canvas material which is not only resistant to bacteria and other infections that may transfer through environment but is also good with absorbing moisture and staying dry throughout.
  • It is easy to wash and dries out quickly too. The mat inside can be removed and washed separately too.
  • The material is strong and thus not too prone to getting affected by scratching and highly durable.
  • The polyester sling is wounded all around the bag to secure its grip and give you a better hold of your pet.
  • Given the design and shape, the bag is good for holding in a medium-sized cat comfortably along with smaller dogs.

Pink is the color of the season so why not incorporate it in the cat bags that you are investing in too. After all, you can never overdress when wearing pink. Pick the pattern that you like the most and order a bag right away. It is time you gave your cat carrying bags’ collection a makeover it truly deserves.

Item Type: Slings
Material: Canvas

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