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Soft Sided Mesh Cat Carrier

Soft Sided Mesh Cat Carrier

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While most of the options that we have on our catalog may feel like to be designed for women only, this specific item seems to work both ways. It uses solid colors and has a very simplistic design that works for men and women equally well.

Highlighting features

  • It can fit a cat of around 9kg very easily inside an still be spacious enough for it.
  • The design is sleek yet compact: something everyone who is traveling would appreciate.
  • The main color used in this bag is black. Blue, however, is used for detailing and color breaking purposes.
  • It is made using nylon which seems like the perfect choice for cat backpacks. Durable, strong, and machine washable, the bag is everything that you would want It to be.
  • It has a mesh all around that makes the bag extremely airy and perfect for summer getaways especially for the reason that it is highly water resistant.
  • It has a comfortable strap for carrying that doesn’t tire your hands out no matter for how long you have been carrying it.
  • It has strong sturdy hooks to clip on the leash even though the whole bag practically looks like to have been made out of mesh.
  • It comes in one size only: 55.9*25.9*35cm

The bag, given its durability and the many features that only a cat owner can come to appreciate, is very economically priced. Invest in a bag like this always if you want to make summer traveling fun for your cat.

Material: Nylon
Fitable Weight: 9KG
size: 55.9cmx25.9cmx35cm

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