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Waterproof Car Back Seat Mat for Cats

Waterproof Car Back Seat Mat for Cats

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Having a car mat is always a good idea. Every once in a while the investment you have made would pay off and you would feel it to be nothing less than a blessing for yourself. It is easy to lay down and clean as well while allowing maximum moving space for your pet, be it a cat or a dog.

Highlighting features:

  • Available in two solid colors of grey and black, the mat comes in the standard size of 153 by 142 cm.
  • Made from a water-resistant material, the design features a non-slip net on the top that keeps your cat’s footing secure while you are driving.
  • The mat is made using 4 layers of high tech material like anti-scratch polyester, soft cotton, coating of TRU for waterproofing and the final layer of polyester which is not damaged by scratching or skidding.
  • It is 100% waterproof and thus doesn’t catch bacteria that easily and gets washed without much trouble too.
  • The design features seat anchors along with snap buckles to keep the pets in place in case you are driving with more than one at a time.
  • It has a zipper design which makes folding and unfolding very convenient.
  • You will also find two zipped pockets on the sides that will allow you to bring along important things that you might need on the go.

With all this said, having a waterproof mat in the cat that would catch all the fur and dirt and keep your car clean is crucial, especially if you travel a lot. The material is durable and doesn’t get affected too easily by the activities carried out by your cat while on board. So, order one right away and make your next driving adventure a lot more fun.

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