How To Make Cat Backpacks Safe For Your Cat?

Worried about leaving your cat alone? Now you can take your cat with you anywhere. For this reason, cat backpacks have been created for all the cat lovers out there. They allow you to freely roam, without any hassle with their cats.

Can you carry a cat in a bag?

The first question that might come to mind is: can you carry your cat in a bag? Yes absolutely, but no ordinary bag will work for this purpose. If you want to carry your cat in a bag, you have to use the bags that are specifically made for carrying the cats. These are popularly known as cat backpacks. The next question is, are cat backpacks safe for my cat? Again there is a resounding YES! to this question. They are even backed by science and have been scientifically and practically proven to be safe for cats.

Cat backpacks

The cat backpacks are specifically created for the cats and their safety. They include holes so the cat can breathe. There are even places where you can fix the hook of their harness or collar. Cat backpacks are also equipped with a bubble window. From this bubble window, your cat can enjoy all the views and the scenery when you are traveling. The cat backpacks make sure that you can have both of your arms free too. What more can you ask for!

Why are cat backpacks safe?

When outside, cat backpacks are the ultimate safe haven for cats. If you are a cat owner that loves to take your cat outside daily, then it is a must for you to buy a cat backpack:

  1. They allow you to take your cat anywhere you want, in a safe manner.
  2. Cats remain safe from outside danger like dogs, traffic, etc.
  3. They provide excellent ventilation so that cats can breathe in it.
  4. They come with enough space so cats don't feel cramped. 
  5. They protect your cat from weather factors like sun rays, rain, etc.

Make cat backpacks safe for your cat

Cat backpacks are safe, but ultimately it comes down to how safe you want them to be for your cat. You can take the following measures to double ensure the safety and security of your cat.

How to choose the safest cat backpack?

Cat backpacks bring pleasure, comfort, and recreation to you and your cat's life. Cat backs are safe. But this safety can be improved or diminished depending on your choice of cat backpacks. Select a bag that is suitable according to your cat. Here are some of the things that will help you in choosing the safest cat backpack for your cat:

  • Pick the right size

The first and foremost important thing is choosing the right size of the cat backpack. Measure your cat's weight and size, then buy the cat backpack according to the measurements of your cat. Make sure that your cat is not cramped or has to fit very tightly so that there is no room for breathing. Instead, it should be in a very relaxing position in the cat backpack.

  • Choose the right material

The next step is to choose the right material in backpacks suitable for your cats. The material of the backpack can be divided into two parts depending on the cat's behavior and mood. Both materials are very good for the transportation of cats:

  • Hardshell backpacks 

If you have a cat that tends to get angry and has a habit of scratching, then there are hard shell backpacks. These are designed to tackle the rage of a cat. So, if your cats become angry and in anger scratch the bag, then there is no damage done to the cat backpack.

Also if you have a heavy cat, then it is recommended that you go with a heavy shell cat backpack. As they are more suitable for heavyweights.

  • Soft Shell backpacks

On the other hand, if your cats are on the calm side, and are medium to small size, then you can go with a soft shell backpack. They are very lightweight and relaxing.

Other safety factors

Some other factors that influence the safety of your cat in a cat backpack include:

  • Harness 

Cat backpacks come with a hook in them where you can tie your cat’s harness. This is an extremely important step if you want to have the bag open from the top while walking. This ensures that your cat will not jump and run away in the middle of the journey. Also, the hook will prevent any mishaps. Due to the opening of the cat backpack from the top, the cat can enjoy the journey and environment more.

  • Regular breaks

This is one of the most important steps in cat backpack safety, it can't be stressed enough. Now that you own a cat backpack and want to travel with your cat in it, it's not recommended that you put your cat in the cat backpack for a very long time.

If you are going on a long journey, the best practice is to take your cat out of the cat backpack every hour, so it can stretch its limbs. Your cat will get extremely frustrated if you leave it in a backpack for a longer duration.

Additionally, when taking the cat out, make sure that you have taken enough water and food for the cat. Because of this, when you take your cat out of the cat backpack for a break, you can feed it. 

  • Keep a check on the weather

When traveling, keep a check on the weather. If the weather is too warm and your cat is left in its backpack for a long time it will become too hot to bear for your cat. And it goes the same for cold weather. So plan your trips according to the weather.

Safety tips 

There are some additional safety tips that you can undertake to ensure the safety of your cat in the backpack. Taking care of these tips will get the optimum results for your cat's safety.

  1. Don't walk too fast as it may be uncomfortable for your cat. Walking too fast will result in unnecessary bangs and jolts for your cat.
  2. Don't force your cat to ride.
  3. One backpack for one cat. One backpack is meant for one cat only so never try to fit 2 cats in one. 
  4. Never leave your cat alone in the backpack.
  5. Never leave your cat hungry. When taking it out for stretching, make sure to feed it with food and water.
  6. Double-check that the harness is properly tied to the hook in the cat backpack.
  7. If the cat backpack does not come with a cushion, put something soft in it so that your cat can sit comfortably in the cat backpack.
  8. Make sure there is enough ventilation for the cat to properly breathe.

Train your cat for the backpacks

Some cats will love the backpack right away while others will hate it. Remember, that you don't have to force. Rather try to slowly train your cat to become acquainted with the backpack. For a complete training tutorial, you can read our article Train your cat to use its backpack. There are a few things that you can do to achieve this task.

  1. Cats are naturally curious animals. Try to open the cat backpack in front of them. They will get curious and try to check it.
  2. You can leave out a treat in the cat backpack, so the cat will enter to have that treat.
  3. You could even put a comfy blanket in the backpack. Remember cats love little spaces. The cat will enter and will try to sleep in it.
  4. Leave your backpack open. The cat might enter by itself after some inspection.


It is recommended that you give your cat at least a week before it can properly get accustomed to its cat backpack.

Try to start small. Go for a very short ride. Try to do this for some time, so your cat can understand and digest all this information. Avoid going for a very long walk on the first day, as this can exhaust and scare away the cat.

Ready to take on the adventure

As you have got enough information about the safety of the cat backpacks. Now, you are ready to take on any adventures with your cat without being worried about your cat’s safety. Once your cat gets the hang of this, it will regularly look forward to more of the trips.

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