Train your cat to use its backpack

Cat backpacks are bags that are created specifically for cats. They allow you to take your cats with you on an adventure in a fun and relaxing way. They are enjoyable and very safe for the cats. You can read our article for complete information about the cat backpack's safety.  Are Cat Backpacks Safe? But to use a cat backpack, first, you have to train your cat to use its backpack.

Why train your cats for a cat backpack?

Cat backpacks are a new addition to the life of your cat. Some cats like cat backpacks in an instant and easily get used to them. While other cats have problems and can be nervous with the thought of being in the cat backpack. 

You have bought a cat backpack, and now you are thinking about putting your cat in it and going for a long walk. Rather than jumping straight into putting your cat in the cat backpack, the best practice is to train your cat on how to use it properly. However, if you try to do it without any training and practice or try to do it forcefully, you can permanently scare the cat away. The cat will never come to its cat backpack again. 

Make your cat comfortable with the cat backpack

It will take a few weeks before your cat can get properly accustomed to the cat backpack. When they get comfortable it's time to start the training.

There are a few ways in which you can train your cat to use its cat backpack. Remember each cat is different. They will take different times to get properly trained. Also, some methods might work for one group of cats and other methods might work for another group.

How to get started 

Teaching your cat a new thing or trick is not an easy task. It is time taking and energy-consuming. Also, it takes a lot of patience. It is especially true for training your cat to ride a cat backpack. When you start training your cat, do it slowly and let your cat learn at its own pace. Cats are just like toddlers so treat them and train them just like one. Make sure that the environment is completely distraction-free while training.

Following are some of the methods to start training your cat, so it can get ready to take on adventures with you:

  • Introduce the cat backpack

The first step is to introduce the cat backpack to your cat. You have bought this for your cat, so make it clear immediately! Once your cat backpack arrives, bring your cat and open it with your cat.

  • Explore the cat backpack

The next step is to let your cat explore the new cat backpack. Try to place the cat backpack where your cat usually spends the most time. Cats are known to be very curious animals. Because of their curiosity, they will try to sniff it, jump on it, and even try to get inside it. The cat backpack will not be a stranger to it anymore. After some time the cat will become used to the cat backpack. 

  • Leave the cat backpack open

Leave the cat backpack open. While getting close to the cat backpack, your cat might try to enter it. Seeing it open, the cat can also get in, hide in it, and have some sleep in this comfy little place.

  • Use toys

You can place the favorite toys of your cat in the cat backpack. Seeing its favorite toys in the cat backpack will force the cat to go in the cat backpack. This method can also get your cat familiar with this new cat backpack.

  • Use treats

Cats are motivated by treats. If the cat has not become familiar with the cat backpack yet and has not gone closer to it in the first place, you can try this method to persuade and properly train your cat. Make sure that you start this training while the cat is hungry. 

Comprehensive Guide on using treats to train your cat 

Training your cats with a treat is not a one-step method. It comes in different phases. Following is a comprehensive guide on how to use treats to train your cat to go in a cat backpack. This method is completely stress-free and will give you more satisfactory results.

  • Phase 1:

Put the favorite treats of your cat in the cat backpack. When your cat goes in the cat backpack to get the treat, reward it with another treat. Also, praise your cat for entering the cat backpack. This will enforce in the mind of the cat that this cat backpack is a happy and secure place for it. 

Give this technique a few days. Slowly and steadily your cat will start going inside the cat backpack. 

  • Phase 2:

Your cat has gotten used to going in the cat backpack, but it only goes in when there are treats. Command your cat to enter the cat backpack. Once it goes in, then reward the cat with a treat. This will assure that your cat goes on command in the cat backpack.

  • Phase 3:

Now it's time to start the third phase. This will push your cat to stay more in it. While your cat is in the cat backpack try to close it for a few seconds. Then open the cat backpack and reward your cat. Keep on repeating this step.

With each step, slightly increase the closing time of the cat's backpack. Keep doing this for a few days. Because of this, your cat will start staying in the cat backpack for a long time without any discomfort.

  • Phase 4:

It's time to take a step further. When your cat is in the cat backpack, lift the cat backpack for a few seconds and then place it down. After this give your cat a treat. Gradually keep on increasing the time of lifting.

  • Phase 5:

Your cat is used to staying in the cat backpack. When your cat is in the cat backpack pick up the cat backpack, and try to move small distances. Once the small distance is completed, reward your cat with a treat. Again, slowly keep on increasing the distance.

In the starting, tie your cat backpack on the front so your cat can see you. This will build trust in the cat about its cat backpack. Your cat will remain calm, and it will not feel lonely. From here slowly and gradually take the cat backpack to the back.

  • Phase 6:

This is the last phase. Your cat is comfortable with going in the cat backpack. It stays there for a long time and is ready to be picked up and carried around. Now is the time when you want to take your cat outside. But before moving on to the outside. Taking this final step is very important.

Repeat all the above-given steps with the harness and leash. They are a protective measure that ensures the cat remains inside the cat backpack and will not run out.  Now you can take your cat outside in the cat backpack. 

  • Start small

Remember to take baby steps while training your cat for the cat backpack. First, try to move inside the house only. Next, go outside. Here you can repeat the above methods a few times. Start going to smaller distances and return home quickly. Try to go to the places that are familiar to your cat. Bit by bit, start taking longer walks.

Go for an adventure

You have given a long time and effort to train your cat to use its backpack. There is a saying that  “The sprouting of patience is sweet”. After long and rigorous training, now is the time that you are ready to take an adventure with your lovely pet.

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