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Cats Restraint Bag

Cats Restraint Bag

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Have you ever tried combing or grooming your cat? Then you would know how stressful it is. The cat is going to do everything possible and would invest every ounce of energy it has to block the advancements you make. This is why you need to invest in a restraint bag and that too this very moment.

Highlighting features

  • Dimensions: 24*46*12 cm
  • It is made with nylon which is not only durable but is easy to maintain as well
  • It closes with a zip all over. This would allow you to expose the parts of the cat’s body that need attending one at a time while keeping the paws in check.
  • The design is very comforting for the cat. It restrains its movement but without causing uneasiness of any sort.
  • The carriage has a handle on top that makes it easy to carry your pet around from one place to another
  • The bag itself is very lightweight and thus it won’t feel too heavy when you are using it
  • The sides come with a mesh design to make the whole space airy and less hot for your cat
  • It is easy to wash and simple brush is what you need to take the hair off from the insides

An quality product that is economical as well: this bag is perfect for keeping your cat tied down while you cut off her nails, trim her hair or even get her checked up by the vet. In fact, most of our clients have been seen using the bag even for short trips that require less traveling. So, order one of these bags today and make your cat’s next grooming sessions more relaxed.

Type: Cats
Material: Nylon
Closure Type: String

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