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Comfy Cat Carrier

Comfy Cat Carrier

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Not everyone is a fan of the huge spacious cat backpacks. Some like to keep things trendy and opt for something that is more feminine and classy in its look without having to compromise on the qualities. This one bag is made for these very people. It is compact in its design and has a very chic fashionista vibe going around for it.

Highlighting features:

  • Compact design which is still spacious for the cat and aesthetically pleasing at the same time
  • It is easy to carry and wont tire you out too quickly too
  • Gives off a very trendy Milan fashion feel with its design and overall patterned look
  • Comes in two basic subtle colors that are bound to go with all the clothes that you wear
  • Has four mesh holes on either side to keep the space ventilated and airy for your pet
  • The design features a flip cover with a huge zipper that opens up to reveal the space inside where the cat is supposed to be.
  • On the inside, there is a small strap that is used to keep the pet in the same position
  • It is good for carrying smaller to medium sized cats
  • The inside of the bag is fully padded and lined with a printed fabric to maintain the look and its style. The fabric is easy to clean and can even be wiped off if you are in the mood of not cleaning the bag on the whole as such
  • Durable and strong with a material that is meant to last

If you are looking to go for a cat carrier that is sure to get the heads turning then this is a sure deal for you. Certainly a little expensive but given the features and the design, the price is all the more justified.

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