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Cozy Cat Carrier Outdoor Sling Bag

Cozy Cat Carrier Outdoor Sling Bag

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Are you looking for a cat carrier that would have a boho-chic look to it but would still be just as beneficial and worthwhile for you then you have dropped on to the best option. One of the finest bags from our range of affordable cat carriers’ collection that is sure to win hearts all over. A simplistic design which is paired with a colorful finishing to give it an overall trendy finish.

Highlighting features

  • It is available in four different bright colors that are perfect for tropical getaways
  • The cat hole is lined with fur to prevent chaffing and irritation
  • Depending on the style that you buy, you can either get a bag with the insides lined with polyester or one where the whole of the inside is lined with soft plush. The latter being perfect for cold weathers while the former works best in summer and rainy weathers.
  • Each bag has a matching detachable pad that you can take out just as easily.
  • Comes with an elastic strong sling that doesn’t pinch on your skin when you sling it over or hurt your muscles when you have bene walking around for too long.
  • It is available in two sizes:

S: 45*21*22cm

L: 55*26*27cm

  • The one with the fur has some size variations and thus is something you need to check for before buying his bag
  • It is extremely lightweight and seems to have almost no weight of its own
  • Easy to clean and it doesn’t absorb the foul smell as well which makes it even more appealing
  • Easy on the pocket and is very affordable

With all this said, it is one of the safest choices to invest in especially if you still haven’t decided on what works best for your cat. It is easy to handle and get adjusted to. So, order one today in the color that you like the most and take your cat out for a cozy walk.

Item Type: Slings
Fitable Weight: less than 10 kg

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