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Pink Backpack for Your Cat

Pink Backpack for Your Cat

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You think of tote bags and the first image that comes up to your mind is that of a cool chic bag which is compact in its design yet big enough to carry all the important things that you like. This cat backpack is made keeping just this in mind. Without having to compromise on the feasibility, the bag is designed to keep the whole traveling game fleek and on point.

Highlighting features:

  • It is available in plain black and pink and a textured black color.
  • The overall finish is shiny and this gives it an uber glamorous finish
  • It comes with pockets on the sides that you can use to keep important stuff in that you might need on the go.
  • It has a small mini bag attached to it as well that you can use to store your traveling essentials
  • A strong handle and an extra sling that comes attached to the side so that you now have two carrying options in case one tires you out.
  • The insides are padded and lined with PVC to give it a finished look that works to give it that elite feel
  • There is a big zipper hole on the top that is opened up to secure the cat inside. You can choose to keep the zipper closed or open depending on how you would want to carry your pet around.
  • The zipper hole has a mesh on top to allow air inside and keep your cat entertained and calmed down while traveling.

With all this said, it is a great bag for the small to the medium sized cats. It gives them enough room to stay comfortable and cozied up inside while still being secure. It is a great choice for all the ladies out there who want to travel with their pet but in style.

Fitable Weight: 4.5kg
Material: PVC
Color: White ,Red ,Black
Size: 40cm*26cm*20cm,34cm*22cm*20cm

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