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Restful Sling Bag Cat Carrier with Head Out

Restful Sling Bag Cat Carrier with Head Out

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Available in three different color options, the bag features a design where there is a big hole on one side to allow for the cat to take its head out and peek at the world around. It is a cozy way of taking your cat out for a fun ride. Affordable yet stylish, this bag is perfect for all weathers and all sorts of adventures that you have planned ahead.

Highlighting features:

  • Made using a good quality nylon that is easy to wash and maintains its color and look for years to come.
  • The bag has a finesse look to it that shows the work of perfection and the attention of detail that has been invested in each corner.
  • The insides are padded and lined with nylon as well.
  • It comes with padded cushion that you can use as a mat for your cat. It gets detached too so that cleaning and washing becomes easier. The mat can be used on its own too to help the cat sit on a soft surface when it is let out for a while.
  • It comes in bright color options that your cat is sure to fall in love with.
  • The insides have a small zipper that help you keep important things secure and still within your reach.
  • The bag features a zipper opening that makes it convenient for the cat to get in and out when directed.
  • It has a sling that is used for carriage. Carry it in your hands or on your shoulders, anyway that feels comfortable to you.

All these features given the small price tag that it comes with makes it a hit amongst all our clients. The bag is durable yet light enough to not weigh you down while traveling.

Material: Nylon

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