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Single Shoulder Sling Bag for Cat

Single Shoulder Sling Bag for Cat

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You think of a single shoulder sling and what comes to your mind is an effortless style that is casual yet really cool to look at. Most of the cat owners find it hard to wear around the backpack on both their shoulders all the time. It makes interacting with the cat tougher too. With this style, they can give one of their shoulder a rest and even bring the bag to the front occasionally to interact with their cat.

Highlighting features

It is made with 100% cotton which is great for cats even the ones that have some skin conditions or a highly sensitive skin.

It comes in some really trendy and fresh looking color options that range from cyan to dark brown: choose the one that fits well with your personality.

Has a hook inside to clasp on the leash.

The bag has felt cushions on the inside that make the cat cozy up as you take them around for walks.

Easy to clean and wash. You can even through the bag inside a machine and give it a good wash without having to use your hands at all.

Has air mesh on both sides that make it super breathable and airy for your cat.

There is a hole on one side from where your pet can take its face out and enjoy the fresh wind touch its face as it goes around the town.

It comes in one size option only: 60*50*19 cm.

The bag works best for small to medium sized cats and small dogs even.

The best thing is the small pocket on the side which can be used to carry in cash or other essentials in case you plan on traveling light.

Given the price of the bag, the features are a steal. It is a great sporty looking carrier bag that is hard to find nowadays. Get the color that you like and add this amazing bag to your collection right away.

Material: 100% Cotton

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